Written by Catchaseme

"How to HSBGclub"
for all my fellow players coming to join us

First things First:
You will get your first week free, but knowing actual money is on the line, your actual address and such are required for payment
purposes. The club uses paypal so get your login for that ready as well. If you selected your real time zone the tournament times
will all be listed for you so no pesky conversion math needed! Thanks Terry!

Cool, I am logged into my account……. Now what?

This Takes you to the page where all the tournaments are listed.
Under current tournaments, find one you want to play in. More questions? See Endnotes.
  • Before the tournament you are going to play in - click register

Then if you click on [See details] then you will come to a page that tells you the username of other registered members.

Check in? Check in.

  • Click Check in on the tournaments page up to 2 hours before tournament start

Do this before the tournament so we know you are actually coming and we can plan the best set. If you are on the waitlist and

you check in, but someone registered doesn’t, you may have that spot if they don’t show. See notes below for more.

Just Before Tournament Start Time

  • Check out the Discord for discussion and coordination during the tournament
Be sure to have Discord open to Terrys channel (link on the homepage to Discord takes you straight there). Under the
tournaments, see the text channel #hsbgclub. Here people will let everyone know they are present, and any information can be

Literally Tournament Start Time
  • Click Score Sheet to determine what lobby you are in

Check in the #hsbgclub text chat to see when the lobby is officially done being created. for More info in endnotes

Your Lobby is Clearly BEST Lobby

  • Add the lobby leader as a friend in game

The person/BattleTag# in the first row of the lobby is the party leader. Watch chat as this can change. They will invite you to
join the lobby. The text chat now will have moved to the lobby # channel, so move on over to keep up communication.

Ready Up with Lobby Leader

  • In the text channel for your lobby look for the leader’s "Ready Check" and emote to say yes, or type a response.
First Game starts!

  • Any issues when loading into the game let the leader know in text chat to deal with it

    Other weirdness- see endnotes

  • DO NOT CLICK AWAY INSTANTLY: note if you tied with anyone, what your placement was, and your hero
Using a tracker like Firestone can help with this too by letting you see the results while you are still in the lobby.

Submit Scores ASAP

  • Under current tournament click submit score and fill out the form with your result information

Be as accurate as you can, any issues hit up Terry for corrections or your lobby to help you confirm it.

Rinse, Repeat for 3 Total Games per round

  • After all lobbies have finished round 1, the round 2 lobby will be posted on the second sheet in the google spreadsheet:
    Round 2
Again, add the lobby leader, and report your scores under round 2. People default to lobby 1 or the main channel on
discord during this time.

PRIZES?!... not Darkmoon-----USD prizes!
  • Round 2: 1st place = 7USD credited to that paypal account, 2nd = 3USD
  • If you want to withdrawal funds. For withdrawals over $50 we will pay all the Paypal fees. Any withdrawals under $50, the
    user will pay all associated fees.
  • We are also able to purchase and gift items from Blizzard or other stores as a withdrawal method. We will deduct the cost
    of the item and any fees from your balance.
Do you still have things you want to know? Check out the end notes!


  • AKA everything else I wanted to say but wasn’t absolutely necessary to know in order to participate but I love a good over-
explanation of things to make me feel comfortable in a new space…..

Overview of Tournament & Whole Length
  • There will only be at maximum 2 rounds (Terry has final say, this is changeable to account for future club growth but
    for now this is the case)
  • If 8 or less people sign up for a tournament there will only be 1 round, but you will see your lobby in the Round 2 score
    sheet tab and submit your scores under Round 2 on the submit form
  • With more recent metas- round 1 can last up to 2hrs. The same for round 2
  • Say you play in round 1 and get into round 2 - but you really can’t play round 2 - that's fine! Let the group know on the
    main discord and @ Terry in the discord to let him know. Other people will likely want to go for it. Of course this means you
    can’t win a prize, but playing in a private lobby is also valuable in its own way

Anatomy of the Score Sheet
  • So this is a google spreadsheet that is autogenerated from the registration process.
  • Whomever is listed first under the Lobby # heading is the designated lobby leader.
  • If this person isn’t on your friends list- the polite thing to do is to add them so they aren’t responsible for typing out a bunch
    of usernames, and this helps speed up lobby formation
  • accepting a friend request - you have to close the friends window and open it again to see them appear in the online
  • The Score Sheet is auto populated by the Submit Results form where you… submit your results? If you messed up just let
    Terry know and he will fix it when he can
  • If a lobby invite doesn’t take, they will re-invite you. No need to spam message them, just keep an eye on the discord to
    make sure you get added before a ready check.
  • Ready Checks: You can say you are ready in text, or an emote response to their message. Emotes are easier to count but
you do you. It’s not absolutely necessary to wait for everyone because there are some people who play on mobile and it's
hard to switch applications without introducing DCs sometimes.
  • You can watch the score sheet if you are trying to decide if you have time to walk away. It's still good practice to let the
lobby leader know you will be back in a second so they can make sure to watch for your ready check response.

Tie Scoring
TL;DR: Report the score you got on the final screen and the other rank(s) you tied with under the tied with section

An Example:
Say 4,5,6 all tied. My end screen says I got 5th, but I know its a 4,5,6 tie:
I would report that I placed 5th and I tied with 4 and 6. In other words, report your actual placement and then just the two slots
you tied with. The actual placement matters in case of tie breakers and such.

Random things I think are helpful
  • Looking at the View Details part of a tournament page there can be multiple pages for names of registered players.. Look
for little hyperlink numbers below the list to see the other page.
  • If you DC right at the start, round 1 or 2 - if you can get a message noticed in the discord you may be able to get the lobby
to restart that particular game. It is up to the discretion of the lobby leader/Terry if a restart is issued. In that case
everyone ignores that game placements and a new lobby is restarted. If the issue repeats for the same individual only a
second time, it might be unreasonable to redo it again, but again communication is key. Chat on the discord if you have an
issue and there will be discussion.
  • If you DC after you finished your part in the game or restart your game to deal with any lag/bugs/general bad vibes
message in the discord to let the leader know to re invite you before the next game. You can also check the score sheet in
order to see the general game progress if spectating isn’t possible.
  • In a case where there are 8 or less people signed upfor a tournament: When you look at the Round 1 tab, peoples names
are yellow to start- this means there were only enough people to play a single lobby so the game automatically goes to
round 2 -- click the round 2 tab and follow the described flow above.

If that doesn’t answer your questions message me on discord @ Catchaseme#6017