If you have any questions and feedback, the best place to reach us is on discord. You can also reach us via email

Sign up

You can Sign up for tournaments in 2 locations. In the Tournaments screen which will list all the upcoming events

or when you click View in the tournament. It will bring you to all the details of the events and everyone registered. From here you can register as well

What do I need to do on the day of

The most important thing that you need to do on the day of the tournament is to check in.
Checking in tell us that you are ready to play the event as we don't people waiting around for someone that forgot about the event.
Even if you are on the waitlist, you should check in, as the system will pair the top 16/32 players that have checked in.

After the lobbies are randomized by the system, the top player of each lobby will need to form the lobby.
All the IDs will be on the score sheet, they will need to send a friend request to each player and set up the lobby

How do I report scores?

On the tournament page, there is a submit result button that you can use to report your score

The reporting form is pretty straight forward.
The only part that can cause confusion is the tie part. If you finish 6th tied with 5th. You report 6th in the finish checkbox and 5th in the Tied with checkbox.